To use the Solver program you need the running Minesweeper on your screen. The Minesweeper window must be fully visible to you, then it is also visible to the Solver.
- First, run the Solver "mssolver.exe" and the Minesweeper.
- Second - check the settings. That means the Minesweeper version (Win95 or XP) and the "Mines number" field. You can also leave it empty, so it would not be used in solving.
- Third, press the "Game Reset" button to tell the program that you are accepting the settings and ready to go. Press this button every time before starting the new game.
- Fourth, uncover the initial area from which the Solver will start. Normally 5-6 open squares are enough.
- Fifth, press "Solve" or "Suggest" button. If at some point the Solver stucks then there are no more logically feasible moves, and the program needs your help - press somewhere, and if you haven''t blown it, press "Solve" or "Suggest" again.
The program evolves all the time, new approaches of logical and probabilistic inference will be added, also there are some cool ideas how to extend the standard minesweeper gameplay...


- If the solver cannot find you minesweeper because of different name on minesweeper window - change the "WindowClass" and "WindowName" key values in mssolver.ini.
- Do not try to play in B&W mode, only colored Minesweeper modes are supported.
- Always press the "GAME RESET" button before starting a new game.
- The Minesweeper is a game without full state information, and the Solver helps only when a logical solution exists, so your intuition is still very much needed...

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